Conditions for Certification

1. Subject Matter Of The Agreement
The subject matter of the agreement between both parties applies to the provision of conditions for granting the certification which confirms that the management system (system in following) conforms to the specified standard or other normative documents for the system. The client is aware of the fact that the system certification is performed on the basis of a dynamic system audit at the given moment. The client is bound to assure that the relevant provisions of this agreement will be met by the organisation whose management system will be certified (organisation in following). GRS Certifications will perform the certification according to the application of the client and the price offer accepted by the client.

2. Start Of Agreement Validity
This agreement is applicable after it is signed by both parties, and the GRS Certifications price offer is signed by both parties and the filled in GRS Certifications form APPLICATION FOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AUDIT is signed and submitted by the client, all included without any exclusions.

3. System Certification Prosedures
Besides provisions given in 8 TEMPORARY PROVISIONS, both parties agree with keeping the steps and relevant provisions of the certification programme and bind to do everything necessary to keep the correct fulfilment of this procedure. GRS Certifications is authorised to submit unilaterally non-essential amendments to this procedure that do not influence the content of the agreement between the parties.GRS Certifications can utilise subcontractors to meet the purpose of this agreement.