Inspection of Boilers

Visual inspection
Functional test.
Pressure test.
Non destructive examination, to certify boilers.
Scaffoldings play a vital role in Construction and other fields where access to heights are required to carry out a job. As these Structures posses potential hazards including

Fall from Height.
Electric Shock due to Connection with Over Head Lines. Etc.

ATIS Engineers responsibly carries out the third party Inspection for different types of scaffolds used in Construction and other Engineering Sectors. Our Service includes the Inspection of following types of Scaffolding

Suspended Scaffolding.
Supported Scaffolding.
Aerial Lifts.
Independent or Birdcage Scaffolding.
Mobile Scaffolding.
Fixed Scaffolding and
Cantilever Scaffolding.

Pipe Line Network Distribution Leakage Test .
Functional Test for LPG Detectors.
Visual Inspection.
Hydro Test.
Foam Test.